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Family Program

We believe that in order for a successful lifelong recovery the family must be involved in the healing and recovery process. Substance abuse addiction is a disease in which the entire family is afflicted. Evidence has shown that when the family begins to heal so does the addict.

Family Matters

Freedom Recovery Center has made it part of our purpose to provide an individualized Family Program that will create a foundation for healthy relationships by educating and guiding the family during the course of their loved ones treatment.

Our Family Program will help both the addicted patient and family to identify ways in which their relationships have been damaged by controlling, enabling, and neglecting. Our clinical team will focus on teaching the family that they didn’t cause the addiction, that they can’t control it, and that they can’t cure the disease. We will work on helping all parties learn healthy communication and boundary setting through group and individual work. Freedom Recovery Center will provide a safe place for the family to heal together as they reestablish a strong dynamic that will last a lifetime.

Our Family Therapy Program

Where would any of us be without our family? The truth is that our families were instrumental in our development. The majority of addicted individuals have a long history of straining their family relationships prior to entering treatment.

At Freedom Recovery Center, we believe that your healing is best augmented by simultaneously making inroads to also heal your family. Our Family Program is designed to do that through multiple avenues including education and family therapy.

Our goal is for you to leave Freedom Recovery Center free from the grip of addiction and reconnected to your family.

Our Family Program includes:

  • Weekly family contact
  • Bimonthly family program and workshops
  • Family education
  • Group and individual family therapy
  • Referrals for family members when appropriate

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